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    : Aug 2008
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    Oh Allah, Forgive me all my sins
    great and small, the first and the last,
    those that are apparent and those that are hidden

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    Oh Allah, I seek Protection in Your Pleasure
    from Your Anger, and I seek Protection in Your
    Forgiveness from Your Punishment. I Seek Protection in You from You. I cannot count Your Praises. You are as You have Praised Yourself
    [Muslim 1/352]

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    Oh Allah, Help me to Remember You, and Thank You, and Worship You in the Best of manners
    Muslim 1:534

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    Oh Allah, I seek Your Protection from miserliness
    I seek Your Protection from cowardice, and I seek Your Protection from being returned to feeble old age. I seek Your Protection from the trials/troubles of this world and from the torment of the grave

    Oh Allah, I ask For Paradise, and
    Protection from the fire


    Oh Allah, I ask, Oh Allah, You are the One
    The Only, Self-Sufficient Master, Who was
    not Begotten and Begets not, And none
    is equal to Him, Forgive me my sins,
    surely You are Forgiving, Merciful

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    Oh Allah, Grant Health to my body, Oh Allah
    Grant health to my hearing, Oh Allah,
    Grant health to my sight

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    Oh Allah!, You are my Lord, there is No deity
    but You. You Created me and I am Your
    servant and I am trying my best to keep
    my Oath (of faith) to You and to seek
    to live in the hope of Your Promise.
    I seek Refuge in You from my greatest evil
    deeds. I acknowledge Your Blessings upon
    me and my sins. So forgive me, for none
    but You can forgive sins

    O Allaah , I ask you by your mercy which envelopes all things , that you forgive me .

    If someone does you a favour and you say .

    Allaah has decreed and what he wills , he does

    Allaah is sufficient for me . and how fine a trustee (he is )

    There is no might nor power except with Allaah

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    : Rahal
    : Oct 2008
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    Salamat Banona
    God Bless You