Conservation of Nature

It’s a common topic now days: save paper, save energy etc. Every mail we receive contains a foot note saying ‘’think before you print/save paper-save trees’’ and similar slogans. Yet we print!! Paper is one of the most valuable items in our day to day life which we waste with absolute ease. We often forget or with our selfish attitude towards Mother Nature, we are negligently resolute in destroying God bestowed resources.

Most of us serenely talk about saving the planet for the future & sometimes implement routines to save paper, water & other resources, which lack consistency & we are back to square one wasting the same resources again! The truth is that we are indeed a bunch of warm hearted people who have deep feelings towards our Mother Nature but our materialistic lifestyle hampers our Planet Saving Strategies.

So what could we possibly do about this? Well the answer is simple; we just have to stick firmly to our pronouncement of saving the recourses! We all save money right? Did we ever astray from depositing funds shrewdly into our savings account every month without promptness? No! We are so perfect in that. So then why when it comes to wastage of resources we become ignorant or lack regularity in our conservation agenda? The honest truth is, we are self-centered & don’t take our Mother Nature seriously.

We take things for granted & think that no matter how much paper we waste & trees chopped in the process, someone is planting enough and more trees on the other end for us to fill our copier & printer trays. Same goes with water or electricity wastage as well. If at all some of us are really careful in usage of water & electricity is just because of the heavy bill which is everyone’s nightmare. But when it comes to paper, we don’t get any bills so why do we care right? But if were to buy our own paper for printing or copying then we wouldn’t have wasted much.

As a fact, all the basic education regarding any subject begins at home. Everyone teaches their kids the good habits to be followed, moral values, preservation of finance etc but often miss out to teach them how to honor Mother Nature.

We waste much paper at our workplace than at our home. Why? We all know the answer alike. Just in case if you don’t know the answer, it is FREE at our workplace! We all do our personal printing, copying etc from our offices than from home. Printing project work for kids, copying text books to save money from purchasing new one & the list goes on. We test print personal or official drafts, for reading & editing. Hundreds of unclaimed prints on the printer are eventually chucked out end of the day.

We all use the most complex & up to date gadgets such as cell phones, i-pads, laptops etc where all the information required is at our finger tips, but still we print! No logic explanation to this. We could all use e-mails strictly to forward & receive articles, official communications etc & for personal use there are social networks to make life easier. If we unconditionally stick to the modern ways of communication, for sure we could save a generous amount of paper. For draft printouts, it is wise to reuse papers. Most of the write-ups, procedures etc could be burned on to a CD for reviewing or editing. Continuous use of recycled products can truly make a difference.

Trees are getting sparse day by day & we are solely responsible for this. Serious decline in trees are critically affecting climate change. Lack of rain is heating up the planet & weather is no more stable nor pleasant. Many life forms dependent on the tropical rainforests are running into extinction. How would we feel if someone deliberately drives us out of our habitat? So just try to imagine ourselves in the shoes of these living things which are losing their natural habitat due to deforestation. Our Planet was very colorful with immense loveliness which is now slowly narrowing down to a lifeless concrete jungle.

If we do not put in extra strong efforts to save our planet & its colorful resources then very soon our flora & fauna will become a myth to the future generation. Significant new ideas are to be encouraged, materialized & implemented all over the globe for conservation of resources. Inventions to save the natural resources are to be given prime importance than how to substitute the receding resources. It is already too late but as the saying goes: ‘’it’s better late than never’’. If the present generation fails to conserve Mother Nature, then the future generation will be deprived of it & even a time slip to their past wouldn’t help them much.