: Irony of fate

05-17-2010, 07:36 PM
Soapy was very poor and he had no cloths and money to spent the winter. So he decided to go to jail where he will get food and blanket.
For that he smashed the glass window of a shop and when the police came he declared I did it, arrest me". The police kicked him and pushed him away. Again and again soapy did similar things, but in vain, he could not get into the jail. Police thought he was mad.

One day soapy he was near the church, he heard a sermon which changed his mind and he decided to be good.
It was late night; soapy was wandering thinking of ways to be good and ******.

Suddenly a police car came and asked soapy "what are u doing here in the night". Soapy said. "Sir I want to be good. Police men took him saying I have a place for u to be good and he put soapy in jail.