: The legend of Ebkon

12-05-2009, 11:07 PM
The King summoned the Great Assembly of all the wise men in the country. They all knew that the drought in the country is such that all the people might die out soon. No rains, no crops! There was neither enough water nor enough food. The Assembly could not, however, agree upon any one working plan to reinstate the old prosperity and riches. It was then that an old farmer stood up and said May be, because we miss the legend of Ekbon. Whats it ? the King asked him curiously. My father said that his grandfather, a well known folk story teller, once had told him about the legend of Ekbon, a small hill side village in the country. According to him, the legend of Ekbon is a magic stick which melts off into the air, simultaneously causing to dissolve all the prosperity around. The farmer said. The whole Assembly was curiously listening to the farmer. No one had ever heard about such a magic stick. They all asked the farmer, how the magic stick can be retained. The farmer seemed to be thinking a while and then replied, My father said that it is difficult until a man of charity turns eligible to see it; prosperity but is reinstated only in the area under his control. The farmer said. The King didnt even wait to think, he announced that the country will be further ruled by the one to whom the magic stick appears, thus bringing the forgone prosperity back. A decree in this regard was proclaimed all over the country.

Ambitious people, who heard this, decided to give a try, in the very hope of becoming the King. People began to share the excess good grains in their keep with poor families; some supported others with enough money; some dug deep wells and supplied water to the villages; some thought of educating the poor children in the village and some thought of giving enough work at good pay. In every area of life, people began helping the helpless and people became happier.

One day it began to rain all over the country.
The King and all the elders were so happy to assume that the legend of Ekbon has appeared to somebody. The King called for the old farmer, to collect clues on identifying the man to whom the legend might have appeared. The farmer said, Forgive me Your Majesty, yesterday my father told me that the legend of Ekbon could not be real, because the story was originally told by a folk story teller. My father also told me that when people support each other, prosperity is natural !!. http://app1.qgpc.net/icons/ecblank.gif